Lots o’ Llama

My friend, Tana, in Kansas, sent me several llama fleeces from her friend in Colorado.  I had fun playing with them in the yard today (can’t believe it’s 73 degrees in December!)  I miss Tana – we were always getting into some sort of trouble or adventure that left us wondering how in the world we got there….but we always had fun along the way.

I’ve carded a few handfuls of one of the gray fleeces, and I’m spinning it up.  Hope to have a small skein spun tomorrow.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tana McCarter
    Dec 10, 2008 @ 14:24:11

    Did you find the bag of stuff that they said was so expensive? Be sure and put a picture up of the yarn….. I think they plan on gifting me this stuff as a regular event……


  2. Theresa
    Dec 12, 2008 @ 14:46:11

    You have a friend who sends you fleeces?? I must be hanging around the wrong people. 😦
    I really need to get an electric drum carder, don’t I? For your stuff!!


  3. Tonni
    Dec 12, 2008 @ 17:07:15

    WOW! That’s a LOAD of fleece! Be sure and show pictures of what you spin. BTW, i like your knew blog.


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