Chocolate introduced yesterday. In 1550.

In honor or this momentous occasion, I decided to post. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, but with all of my exciting agricultural pursuits, I haven’t spent much time blogging. Here’s a pic of the chocolate cake I ate in Chicago 2 weeks ago. It was delicious. Nuff said.


Bottles and Brushes

Saturday night I treated myself to a night out!  My friend, Brenda Rose, taught a painting class at our GA Museum of Agriculture.  We brought our favorite beverage, and she supplied everything we needed to paint a canvas!  Her sunflower painting was our inspiration, and 11 of us left with 11 different renditions of her painting.  it was a great night out and I can’t wait to go again on March 18th!

Keeshound Dog hair scarf

Josie is modeling the scarf I knitted for my sis, Judy, with dog hair spun into yarn from her 2 beautiful Keeshounds, Oscar and Mocha.

Meeting Vince Dooley!

As president of the Tifton Twentieth Century Library Club, I get many opportunities to meet famous folks…..well, not MANY opportunities….OK, so I get a few opportunities to meet famous people.  Last Saturday night while attending the GA Federation of Woman’s Clubs Institute in Athens, GA, I got to meet former UGA football coach, Vince Dooley.  Of course, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to mention that I was a student at Penn State in 1982….the year Penn State beat UGA for the National College Football Championship….and Coach Dooley was gracious to say he meets a few of “those folks” every now and then, but doesn’t mind because JoePA is such a great guy.  Coach Dooley is now a gardener, among many other attributes, and I purchased his gardening book with a forward by one of my former Horticulture professors, Dr. Michael Dirr.  Coach Dooley is a wonderful speaker, and his wife, Barbara, is also delightful.  It was a wonderful evening!

30 years later…..

The sock I’m knitting got a little worried earlier today…..inspired by the dance recital I attended last Sunday, I dug out my old tap and ballet shoes…..

I put them on, and did a few dance steps on the dining room floor.

Then I got out the ballet shoes, and tried to stand on my toes…..I don’t remember hurting this much when I was younger….

I don’t think my knitting has anything to worry about….it won’t be replaced by a dancing hobby anytime soon.  Think I will bring them out again in another 30 years…..

Alligator Point Fun!

Fun with my spinning friends at Alligator Point, Florida!  We enjoyed the bay, kayaking, spinning, knitting, dyeing yarn, dyeing t-shirts and scarves.  I’m ready to go back!

We Win!!

IN my other life, I’m president of a club in Tifton – the Tifton Twentieth Century Library Club!  I serve a great group of ladies who meet once a month and do various civic projects that benefit our city, state, nation and world.  We are a member of the Ga Federation of Women’s Clubs and at our recent state convention held at Jekyll Island, we learned that we won a special state award for our work in raising $5000 to benefit the Ronald McDonald House in Macon, GA.  We held a bunco/bridge tournament that involved many in our community and was a huge success.  Here we are receiving our certificate and silver platter!

Pictured above are Terri Stumpe, 2nd District Presiden; Debbie Thompson, treasurer of our club;me; Shirene Daniell, member of our club and state president elect; and Genie McCook, member of our club and 2010 Convention Co-chairman.

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